Trash to treasure projects

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Trash To Treasure

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Trash To Treasure ~ Top 10 Restyles Of 2015

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TrashTreasure is taught by Maya Grafmuller, a designer and recycled art enthusiast. In her class students will learn how to use thoroughly cleaned recycled materials like plastic bottles and caps, cereal boxes, yogurt cups, paper towel rolls, package materials, etc., along with household items such as brads, tape, string & glue, to create small sculptures.

I’m so excited about my new dresser and I hope that you’re inspired to do your own craigslist trash to treasure revamp project. For more of my projects, I would love. Trash to Treasure Woodshop. 72 likes. Shop and help those in need. All sales will be donated. Handmade wood arts and furniture using barn wood, salvaged.

A Trash Can Made From Trash A few weeks ago I made a little woven basket for a desk organizer from some old magazine pages and I kind of got hooked on the process. So I decided to try and make some bigger baskets to organize other craft supplies and projects but the thing I really needed was a small trash.

See some of GAC's favorite upcyling projects from the Junk Gypsies' television adventures, and get inspired for your own upcycles. See some of GAC's favorite upcyling projects from the Junk Gypsies' television adventures, and get inspired for your own upcycles.

Trash to treasure projects
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