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In the end you have away from Different Size Me feeling entertained but not necessarily enlightened. Super Size Me: A Look at the Techniques Used in the Film to Provoke a Dialogue About Fast Food and Ultimately Obesity Super Size Me Morgan Spurlocks' film Super Size Me is a piece of rhetoric that intends to provoke a dialogue about fast food.

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Super Size Me cost £37, ($65,) which is a small budget for a film that had such a large impact. The documentary won over twenty-seven awards and prestigious accolades.

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Nov 18,  · Documentary Analysis- Super Size Me! My favorite documentary is without a doubt the film "Super Size Me", which is directed, narrated, starred, and written by Morgan Spurlock.

With reference to Morgan Spurlock's 'Super Size Me' examine and evaluate how linguistic, structural and presentational devices are used in this polemical documentary. In Morgan Spurlock's polemical documentary 'Super Size Me', he uses a wide variety of techniques to persuade his audience that McDonalds is harmful to their bodies.

Super Size Me Written and Directed by: Morgan Spurlock. Throughout the movie it seems that Spurlock has stolen a lot of techniques from Moore’s bag of tricks,including his personal narration, the use of funny cartoons, graphs and charts to illustrate points,interviews and situations that seem suspiciously pre-arranged at times, shocking.

A Documentary Review by: John Peterson Supersize Me Persuasion Techniques "Supersize Me" versus Obesity Related Research What messages are being relayed?

Supersize me techniques
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