Representations of scape in art

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Section 9: The Social Production of Space and Time

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Representations of 'Scape' in Art

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Elements of Art: Movement and Time

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Representations of 'Scape' in Art

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representational art

Art historian George Rowley also compares the Western and Chinese approaches towards the representation of space in his book ‘Principles of Chinese Painting’: “We [the West] restricted space to a single vista as though seen through an open door; they [the Chinese] suggested the unlimited space of nature as though they had stepped through that door and had known the breath-taking experience of.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Random spatial representation has long been a debatable subject. Frank Stella said, in'the aim of art is to create space […] that is not compromised by decoration or illustration, space within which the subjects of the painting can live'.

This quotation implies. Representations Of ‘scape’ In Art It seems that nowadays artists are no longer limiting themselves to representing their surroundings by simply sketching or photographing them, exactly as they are.

Abstract (non-representational) art is a relatively recent invention and didn't evolve until the early 20th-century. What Makes Art Representational?

There are three basic types of art: representational. In this case the landscape is the content of the work of art expressed through the medium of paint, charcoal, ink etc.

Combined with the beholder/artist's body these materials create a channel (medium) through which the landscape moves from the real to the representational.

Landscape painting

Second, landscape can serve as a medium itself that carries messages.

Representations of scape in art
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