Perform reconnaissance

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Passive Reconnaissance

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NASA has given approval.

Reconnaissance Training Company

More importantly, if you are responsible for securing your organization’s public Internet presence, be sure to perform passive reconnaissance against your own sites!

If you found this post useful or if you think I omitted any key techniques or uses for passive recon, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section or on Twitter!

Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (United States)

Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA), is a type of unit in the United States Army. RSTA units are small reconnaissance units based on cavalry squadrons, and act at the squadron (battalion) level as a brigade reconnaissance team for the regiment (brigade).


perform continuous reconnaissance The security force aggressively and continuously seeks the enemy and reconnoiters key terrain. It conducts active area or zone reconnaissance to detect enemy movement or enemy preparations for action and to learn as much as possible about the terrain.

(SL3) - Conduct an Area Reconnaissance by a Platoon Standards: Satisfactorily performed the following within the time specified by the commander: 1.

Passive Reconnaissance

Organized the platoon into the command, reconnaissance, and security elements needed to accomplish the mission. iii ABSTRACT ENGINEER RECONNAISSANCE PROVIDED TO THE MANEUVER COMMANDER, by MAJ Dwayne R.

Smith, 52 pages. The use of reconnaissance on .

Perform reconnaissance
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