Having a dream becomes reality

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10 Bizarre Ways Dreams and Reality Intersect

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Dreams become reality! Always Dream Big! And if I can ever help you turn your dream into a reality please see my contact information below. Steven “DJ Phatboy” Lewis. Filed Under: Corporate Events, DJ Services, Lighting Options, Photo Booths, Wedding Services. For the dream to become reality you must first imagine it to be.

Please stop to think about that sentence, it is very powerful and holds plenty of proof that you and only you control your dreams. For the dream to become a reality you must first imagine it to be.

But sometimes, people become aware that they're dreaming during a dream — and from there, they have the ability to control and bend their dream reality.

Lucid dreaming sounds like something from. Man Up Dream Becomes a Reality. Book Worm. It's three a.m and I can't stop thinking about yesterday. I shift and turn in bed, hoping to fall asleep, but nothing works. All I can think of is if I should have let Ryan find out my secret.

Yesterday was the perfect opportunity, yet I ruined it. All because I'm afraid.

The dream has become the reality

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Having a dream becomes reality
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