Binge drinking epidemic in australia

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Alcohol in Australia

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Binge drinking

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Rudd takes aim at binge drinking 'epidemic'

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Rudd takes aim at binge drinking 'epidemic'

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news; Teen binge drinking epidemic. THE scourge of alcohol abuse across Australia is far worse than previously thought, with one in five and year-olds now binge-drinking in any given week. Binge drinking has reached epidemic proportions among young people, and teenagers from more affluent families may be at greatest risk.

More than a third of teenage boys claimed to have drunk more. Binge Drinking Is Quickly Becoming an Epidemic in Australia There is growing global concern about the increase in levels of binge drinking, which is now becoming one.

An overview of the problem of binge drinking for young people.

Teen binge drinking epidemic

DrugInfo: Alcohol A program of the Australian Drug Foundation that provides easy access to. In Marchthe Australian government earmarked A$53 million towards a campaign against binge drinking, citing two studies done in the past eight years which showed that binge drinking in Australia was at what Prime Minister Kevin .

Binge drinking epidemic in australia
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