Adidas mission statement

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Adidas Mission Statement

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Adidas Mission Statement

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What is a mission statement?

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The Nike mission statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”. Our core brands – adidas and Reebok – have strong identities in sport.

adidas appeals to athletes Adidas mission statement Reebok focuses on the fitness consumer. Through our unique portfolio of leading sports brands, we cater for the needs and desires of more consumers than any of our competitors.

A mission statement answers-HOW do adidas vision and mission we plan to achieve this vision? More on Vision-an ideal Vision Statement is one that concisely depicts a desired result that motivates, energizes and helps an organization describe its destination.

A mission statement is “a concise statement of a company’s reason for being, what it actually does and for whom” (Abraham, S.C., ).

The mission statement should have what products and services the company produces for which market and considers itself unique. adidas is the brand that started it all.

For seven decades we have been looking at what people wear on the courts, tracks, and playing fields — and have worked tirelessly to make it better. This is what excites us every day anew: making a difference by shaping the future of sport.

Because for us, sport can change lives for the better. The mission statement is inspiring and adidas is a global organisation? that is socially and environmentally responsible, creative and financially rewarding for their employees and shareholders. I would make the mission statement clearer by specifying who their inteded customers are.

Adidas mission statement
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What is the mission statement of Adidas